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(back) Subject: Nashville Pipe Organ Encounters Part 5 (ULTRA LONG) From: "Jon C." <opus1100@sbcglobal.net> Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 14:33:02 -0500   Nashville Pipe Organ Encounters Part 5 (Long)   The Nashville Chapter of AGO took on a=20 challenging project by hosting two Pipe Organ=20 Encounters this July=85a POE for teens and a POE+=20 for adults. Many of the events were shared by=20 both groups, but during the day the groups went=20 in different directions. The activities of the=20 teen group will be indicated by POE, the adults=20 by PLUS and shared events by ALL.   As part of the Pipe Organ Encounters Week the AGO=20 also sponsored the =93The Nashville Summer Pipe=20 Organ Festival=94 open to the public as a gift to the people of Nashville and there was no admission charge.=20 Here is a link to the AGO Nashville Summer Pipe=20 Organ Festival poster:=20 <http://www.nashvilleago.org/pdfs/SummerOrganPoster.pdf>http://www.nashville= ago.org/pdfs/SummerOrganPoster.pdf   There are two site to visit for pictures of the Pipe Organ Encounters week.   AGO=20 site:=20 <http://www.nashvilleago.org/poe_pix.htm>http://www.nashvilleago.org/poe_pix= ..htm   Encounter Plus site:=20 <http://opus1100.catoe.org/gallery/index.php>http://opus1100.catoe.org/galle= ry/index.php   This will be my last report on the Organ=20 Encounters and will be a little on the long side. A few comments before I list the last days=20 schedules and organ programs. The days schedules=20 give little insight into the value of the events.=20 Starting with the introduction to the organ which=20 gave an glimpse of what comprises a pipe organ=20 along with basic nomenclature. The use of a=20 tracker to demonstrate the mechanics of organ=20 action and later the organ tour of the Austin=20 chest gave us an understanding of how the organ=20 works which I am sure was new to many of us.   Cherry Rhodes master class in which POE students=20 and POE+ students participated was great, Cherry Rhodes' enthusiasm and supportive comments was a very positive thing for the young organists. It was not a=20 critical review but rather some insight on how they could make their performances even better.=20 Along with this was some interesting insights on=20 what is needed to effective present music on and=20 this unique type of keyboard instrument.=20 Adjusting note duration for emphasis was one of the areas discussed.   Ken Stein presented an interesting lesson on=20 organ registration focusing on the harmonic=20 make-up of organ stops. I came away with a=20 better understanding of mixtures than I had previously. One point which was stressed in several lectures=20 including Ken=92s was the importance of taking time to take an listening inventory of the=20 stops in the organ throughout the complete range=20 of each stop. A stop you may not like in the=20 mid-range may have tones in lower or upper ranges which are much nicer and by=20 adjusting where you play in can have some very=20 pleasant results and also give you a greater=20 variety of sounds from a small instrument.   Polly Brecht=92s lesson on improvisation stressed=20 that the organ should always provide a meaningful=20 addition to the worship service, even when=20 filling during seating of late worshippers or=20 other interludes. By improvising on meaningful=20 music provides this effect. She suggested drawing=20 on things from your music theory to help accomplish this, for transitions and try playing in different modes   Daryl Miller provided some useful information to enhance your music= repertoire.   With the exception of the Master-class these=20 comments pertained to lessons given to the POE Plus group. From the schedule you can see=20 that the POE (teens) had similar lessons which=20 were tailored more to their needs. The Plus group=20 was primarily made up of active Church musicians, and some university organ=20 performance students. Although I was most likely=20 the least advanced in the group as a beginning=20 organ student, I found all the sessions=20 interesting and informative with things I know I=20 will find useful in the future.   Thanks for Ron Anderson of Rockford we have the following information:   =93One thing you left out however was the first=20 church visited by us adults in Franklin, Tenn.=20 for the afternoon workshop. It was the Historic=20 Presbyterian Church housing a Schoenstein organ.=20 This was the original site before certain members=20 decided to build a new church further out of town=20 and name it First Presbyterian Church - the THIRD=20 stop we made. Also, the Downtown Presbyterian=20 Church in Nashville - a national historic=20 landmark - was the original site until certain=20 members left for Oak Hills and formed their own=20 congregation at what is now First Presbyterian=20 Church - site of Tuesday's Masterclass with=20 Cherry Rhodes (and my organ lessons). Beckrath=20 Organ:=20 <http://www.fpcnashville.org/Organ.htm>http://www.fpcnashville.org/Organ.htm     Yes, there were some fifty churches=20 participating during last week's activities. I=20 counted 15 churches that I got to visit and hear=20 the organs. In the August issue of TAO, mention=20 was made that the APOBA ( Associated Pipe Organ=20 Builders of America) donated $20,000 toward=20 expenses shared by the seven Pipe Organ=20 Encounters this summer. Mentioned also was the=20 fact that as a result of such Encounters the last=20 few decades, many aspiring students of the organ=20 have enrolled in college and university programs.=20 From what we've witnessed, these events and=20 others like them demonstrate that the organ can=20 function in more than one setting, and that with=20 talent and perseverance the possibilities are=20 endless. In my hometown, we have an annual Pipe=20 Spectacular Concert featuring the different roles=20 of the organ as played by AGO members, a=20 Halloween Concert featuring spooky music and=20 costumed performers, and member and guest=20 recitals, workshops on service playing and=20 repertoire, a children's choral festival, and=20 other non-AGO performance opportunities.   Milnar Organ Co.'s webpage:=20 <http://www.milnarorgan.com/home.htm>http://www.milnarorgan.com/home.htm=20 under "links" has a listing of chat rooms.. Also,=20 Nashville AGO's webpage=20 http://www.nashvilleago.org/ has a fascinating history of the local= chapter=94   Here is the POE and POE+ Schedule for Thursday=20 July 14th, last full day of the Encounters:   All: Breakfast at Gabhart Student Center, Belmont University POE: Organ Crawl (Downtown Nashville=ADChrist Church, First Baptist,= Downtown Pres) PLUS: Lessons and Practice ALL:11:30 AM Worship at Christ Church Cathedral (Michael Velting, Organist/Director))   =93A Service of Noonday Prayer=94 Christ Church Cathedral, Nashville, TN Prelude; Rhapsody in Db major Herbert Howells All Stand to sing: Officant: =93O God make speed to save us=94 People: =93O Lord make haste to help us: Officant and People: =93Glory to the Father=20 and to the Son and to the Ho-ly Spi-rit. As it=20 was in the beginning, is now and will be for-ever. A-men. Al-le-lu-ia.=94   Hymn 17- Now let us sing our praise to God Solemnis haec festivas   You are invited to join the choir in=20 singing Levavi oculos chant H. Walford Davies Psalm 121   Lesson Ezra 3:10-13   Meditation   Motet Sicut cervus Giovanni da Palestrina   Sucit cervus desiderat ad fonts aquarum, ita anima mea te Deus. As the hart longs for water, so my soul yearns for you, O God = Psalm=20 41:2   The Prayers   Officant: Lord, have mercy. People: Christ, have mercy Officant: Lord, have mercy   The Lord=92s Prayer   Officant: Lord, hear our prayer People: And let our cry come to you Officant: Let us pray   Officant: Heavenly Father, send your Holy Spirit=20 into our hearts to direct and rule us according to your will, to=20 comfort us in all our afflictions, to defend us from all error, and to lead us into all truth;=20 through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen   O God, whom all saints and angels delight=20 to worship in heaven: Be ever present with Your servants who seek through art and=20 music to perfect the praises offered by your people on earth; and grant them even now=20 glimpses of your beauty and make them worth at length to behold it unveiled for=20 evermore; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.   Hymn 140- Praise, my soul, the King of heaven Lauda anima   Voluntary Maurice Durufl=E9 Fugue sur le theme du carillon des heures de Cath=E9drale de Soissons Fugue on the theme of the clocktower bells of the Cathedral of Soissons   (Note: Cherry Rhodes in her Master-class urged=20 the young organists to learn French and German to=20 better understand the meaning of the music rather=20 than depend on literal translations)   ALL: Lunch at First Lutheran Church POE: Lessons and Practice PLUS: Workshop at Calvary United Methodist: Organ=20 Repertoire, Daryl Miller, teacher ALL: Belmont UMC, Widor Toccata, a method for=20 tackling this masterpiece, Joanne Schulte, teacher (Monica Harper=20 provided the keyboard skills for demonstrating this lesson and did a fantastic job in doing so)   All: Dinner at Woodmont Baptist Church All: Final Program of the =93Nashville Summer Pipe Organ Festival=94 Recital by Pipe Organ Encounter Faculty PROGRAM:   Marilyn Keiser Flourish for an Occasion William Henry Harrison Salem Sonata Don Locklair =93Hallowed be thy name=94 =93,,,we owe Thee thankfulness and praise=94 =93=85Let His work your pleasure be=85.=94 Marilyn explained that Don Locklair was=20 commissioned to write the =93Salem Sonata=94 for the dedication of the recently restored=20 =93Tanneburg organ=94 in the Moravian Church in in Old Salem, North Carolina   Douglas Cleveland Exercitatio Fantatstica Morgan Simmons I Allegro II Adagio III B-A-C-H Toccata Joseph= Jongen Tom Trenney Variations on =93America=94 Charles Ives   The Last Rose of Summer Dudley Buck   Cherry Rhodes Prelude and Fugue in e minoir J. S. Bach   Afternoon of a Toad Charles Mader     This was certainly a appropriate close for the=20 festival series and a well crafted program to show a potpourri of organ= works.     Friday morning was the close of the Organ=20 Encounters with a recital by 24 of the 40 POE Students. If you know any of these students, you=20 have could reason to be proud of them, So let them know. Photos of the recital=20 participants are on the Nashville AGO Site: AGO=20 site:=20 <http://www.nashvilleago.org/poe_pix.htm>http://www.nashvilleago.org/poe_pix= ..htm   Here is the student recital program performed on=20 the 4m 70 rk Moller at the Belmont United Methodist Church   O Come, O Come, Emmanuel- French Processional arr. Alfred Fedak JUSTINE H.   Fugue=20 J.K.F. Fischer Juex=20 crederis=20 G. B. Fasolo LANCE N.   Shepherds=20 Wilbur Held CHARLES S.   Comuni=F3n=20 John Barr ANNA L.   March from =93The Nutcracker=94 Tchaikovsyky arr by Alfred Fedak JOEY C.   My Country =91tis of=20 Thee AMERICA SOPHIA T.   Little Prelude in B flat=20 Major Krebs/Bach LYDIA C.   Fugue in=20 g minor J.S.= Bach DANA S.   Little Fugue in F=20 Major=20 Krebs/Bach KENNY L.   Little Prelude and Fugue in G=20 Major Krebs/Bach DANIEL M.   We nur den lieben=20 Gott J. S.= Bach NATHAN J.   Fantasy in a=20 minor=20 J. S. Bach CHRISTOPHER K.   Little Prelude and Fugue in G=20 Major Krebs/Bach DAT N.   Little Prelude in F=20 Major Krebs/Bach MATTHEW C.   Toccata in F=20 Major = Buxehude CATHERINE E.   Trumpet=20 Tune=20 David German KIP C. (dedicated to his friend Mark who=20 had to leave to POE early due to a death in his family)   Toccata in b=20 minor=20 Eug=E9ne Gigout DAVID T.   Chaconne in e=20 minor=20 Buxtehude PARKS G.   Liebster Jesu, wir sind=20 hier J. S. Bach PAUL T,   Sarabande=20 Seth Bingham SARAH B.   Toccata (from Suite=20 Gothique) Boellman \ HEATHER K.   Hornpipe=20 Humoresque=20 Noel Rawsthorned MICHAEL G.   Fanfare=20 Jacques Lemmens KEVIN N.   Incantation pour un jour=20 Saint Jean Langlais PARKER=20 R.=20   This was a wonderful close to what had been a=20 terrific week, Words can express our gratitude to=20 the Nashville Chapter for this fantastic week.=20 With all the activities everything went without=20 any major problems. The weather was hot and wet=20 which gave them additional challenges to keep the=20 instruments sounding their best. Before the event=20 they prepared at goodie bag for each participant=20 complete with a notebook providing the daily=20 schedule, information on all the churches which=20 included driving instructions and such mundane=20 information as to were the light switches were=20 located and how to turn on the organ, organ=20 specifications and outlines for the lessons.=20 There were also some CDS, a neat little book =93The=20 Young Peoples Guide to the Pipe Organ=94 with=20 cartoons depicting all the useful information and=20 nomenclature, each POE got some organmasters and=20 one of the POE+ students won organmasters as a=20 door prize. There were also CDs won during the=20 week and Milnar provided diagrams to explain the=20 organ action. Everyone got a TAO and the POE=20 students received an AGO student membership. GOOD JOB NASHVILLE AGO.   This will be the last you hear from me. I know=20 these have been long messages, but I wanted you=20 to have a chance to see what a great experience tbs week has been.   Since I spent one of my careers in TV=20 broadcasting where you cannot close without a=20 list of credits and these folks deserve the recognition.   Nashville AGO POE COMMITTEE   J. Andrew Risinger, POE Director Julia C, Callaway, POE+ Director Daryl Miller (AKA Daryl by the sea) POE/POE+ Administrator James Jordan, Registrar Andrew J, Peters, Facilities Coordinator Rocky Craft, Transportation Coordinator Dawn Seidnschwarz, Faculty Coordinator Christine Peters, Food Coordinator Richard Shadinger, Elizabeth Smith and Bill Gray   POE/POE+ Faculty (who donated their services)=20 Felix Hell, Marilyn Keiser, Douglas Cleveland,=20 Joanne Schulte, Cherry Rhodes, Vincent Dubois,=20 Olivier Houette, Tom Trenney, Wilma Jensen,=20 Hildegarde Cox, Michael Velting, Polly Brecht,=20 Douglas Murray, Richard Shaddinger, Jennie Lou=20 Smith, Dr. Murray Forbes Somerville, Andrew J.=20 Peters, Angela Tipps, Marjorie Proctor, Gerry Senechal, C. Kenneth Stein (Please Daryl if I missed anyone send a follow up)   The Church community of Nashville who generously supported this event The Milnar Pipe Organ Co,   2005 PIPE ORGAN ENCOUNTERS Underwriters   American Guild of Organists Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music AFAA (Associated Francaise d=92Action Artistique T. Evans Baird The Cultural Services of the French Embassy Mr, and Mrs, O.D. Glaus Dr, Murray and Hazel Somerville   Patrons Shannon Arnett Augusta Chapter (honoring Sarah Hawbecker) Lisa Barry Joyce M. Byrd Linda and George Crawford Lois and Peter Fyfe Bill Gray The Harp School- Carol McClure, Artistic Director Donna Hill James T. Leeson Edgar Lowe Susie and Daryl Miller Thomas M. Moody Francis Page Rhonda Swanson Jennie Lou Smith Calvin Taylor Simon and Nancy Turner Calvin Taylor Joanne and John Schulte Charles W.Witherspoon, Jr.   In spite of the recent notoriety of some short=20 sighted schools of higher learning eliminating=20 their organ studies programs, it is obvious that=20 there is support for preserving the pipe organ and its=92 musical heritage. This=20 is an excellent way of doing so. Support your AGO=20 in sponsoring more of these encounters in the future,     regards,   Jon                    
(back) Subject: Re: French Military March From: "Berdie Bowlsby" <fasttoccata@sbcglobal.net> Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 13:00:32 -0700 (PDT)   Scott, I do have this recording. It is a CD done by Carlo Curley as well as = Philip Brunelle. Carlo Curley is the person playing the piece "French = Military March" and it is by Saint Saens. I could not find any = information on the covers as to where this recording took place. Berdie   Scott A Montgomery <montre1978@yahoo.com> wrote: I have a CD that I bought years ago titled "Greatest Hits of the Organ." = The last piece on it is titled "French Military March." I no longer have = the CD jacket that has the composer.   Does anyone have this CD and knows who composed this piece? The organ = sounds like the Riverside organ before the acoustic renovation. Could it = be a transcription by Virgil Fox?   If anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it. The piece = sounds like a beast to learn, and I must obtain a copy if possible.   Thanks           Scott Montgomery 1820 Scottsdale Dr. Champaign, IL 61821 217-390-0158 www.ScottMontgomeryMusic.net       ****************************************************************** "Pipe Up and Be Heard!" PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital organs & related topics HOMEPAGE : http://www.pipechat.org List: mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org Administration: mailto:admin@pipechat.org List-Subscribe: List-Digest: List-Unsubscribe:    
(back) Subject: Watervliet Jardine From: "Judy A. Ollikkala" <71431.2534@compuserve.com> Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 20:07:30 -0400   Robert Waller went up the outside stairs backwards sitting down and boosting himself one step at a time. He stayed up there until all the Masses were done, and slept overnight in the rectory. We visited him several times at the church, once at "Fugara". Quite a collection there, don't know if he ever finished putting together the Johnson. I loved that Jardine, the only 3 manual existing I think. Judy Ollikkala  
(back) Subject: contacting Philip Brunelle and/or Carlo Curley From: <ProOrgo53@aol.com> Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 20:51:37 EDT   If Carlo Curley and/or Philip Brunelle are members of pipechat - or if anyone happens to have access to either of their email addresses, please = contact me directly / off pipechat. Thank you, Dale G. Rider, MSacredMus, CAGO Independence, MO _ProOrgo53@aol.com_ (mailto:ProOrgo53@aol.com)  
(back) Subject: Carlo Curley and Fleury From: "Scott A Montgomery" <montre1978@yahoo.com> Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 18:00:05 -0700 (PDT)   I email Carlo Curley about the piece. Thank you so much for all = (everyones) help in finding this piece. Also, I tried ordering the Fleury Second Symphony and it is on back order = at OHS. Does anyone have this recording? Might they send me the Vif from = the Second Symphony via email if possible? I will definitely order the = Cd, I would just like to hear this piece, as I have never heard of it.     ProOrgo53@aol.com wrote: If Carlo Curley and/or Philip Brunelle are members of pipechat - or if anyone happens to have access to either of their email addresses, please = contact me directly / off pipechat.   Thank you,   Dale G. Rider, MSacredMus, CAGO Independence, MO _ProOrgo53@aol.com_ (mailto:ProOrgo53@aol.com)       ****************************************************************** "Pipe Up and Be Heard!" PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital organs & related topics HOMEPAGE : http://www.pipechat.org List: mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org Administration: mailto:admin@pipechat.org List-Subscribe: List-Digest: List-Unsubscribe:       Scott Montgomery 1820 Scottsdale Dr. Champaign, IL 61821 217-390-0158 www.ScottMontgomeryMusic.net    
(back) Subject: The other OHS days From: "Judy A. Ollikkala" <71431.2534@compuserve.com> Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 21:31:47 -0400   Not having seen any other reports on the days John Speller so aptly reported on, I will attempt to give a BRIEF summary of the rest, since I was there all week. Tuesday evening July 12 Hutchings 1912 Opus 1637 3M. at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Providence RI This was our only trek into RI, not too much to be said about this = recital. The church was stuffy and very warm, the recital lengthy due to a person speaking and added numbers, the organ sounded "muddy" to me, the soloist's voice = was somewhat overpowered by the organ registration except for her higher = notes, and Peter Krasinsky, organist here, has given better demonstrations. The hymns were unfamiliar and difficult to sing, with short improvisations played based on each. Maybe I was tired from several days earlier, but = was glad to get back to the hotel and watch the end of the All-Star game.   Wednesday July 13 Bridgewater MA is a college town in an attractive setting. The first church was the U. Methodist near the campus with Stephen Young, organist. One number featured a trombonist. (Sorry for lack of name, I loaned my program book to my next-door neighbor today.) The organ was a 2M Hook and Hastings tracker of 1913 Opus 2325. The demo. was well-done. Next was N. Middleboro, a "stick and shingle" building in a delightful old Village Common. Cheryl Drewes gave the 1895 Hutchings 2M. Opus 339 organ, restored by Roche Organ Co. in 1994, a workout. Her playing included a Eubie Blake ragtime. The organ spoke very well. (An upcoming yard sale conglomeration of articles attracted some in the back room.) Third was Marion Ruhl Metson back in Bridgewater at the ancient First Parish Church, also near Bridgewater State College. Decorations included recently discovered trompe l'oeil beneath a layer of paint. The 1852 2M. = E. & G.G. Hook tracker Opus 132 was restored by Andover under the direction = of Bob Newton who was present today. A collection of 19th Century organ pieces was well-prepared. The singing was great. We heard a lecture by Lisa Compton on the History of the "Old Colony" = while awaiting our noon meal in the college dining hall, followed by the OHS Annual Meeting. Then we rode to the National Historic Village of North Easton for 2 beautiful instruments. Kevin Birch gave a well-received program on the = 3M. 1859 E. & G.G. Hook organ moved from Boston to Holy Trinity Lutheran. The pastor noted they are looking for a new organist, the former one was leaving. What a wonderful organ for someone to have a position with! One of my favorites, moved and restored by Andover Organ Co. in 1982. Then Richard Hill, Co-Chair of this Convention, played the 1874 E. & G.G. Hook = & Hastings in the Unity Church where he has been for 28 years. The church = is a vision for the eyes, the interior designed in 1895 by Henry Vaughan of Boston with woodcarvings of 20 angels with ancient instruments on the pulpit screen, none alike, done by Bavarian sculptor John Kirchmeyer, 2 LaFarge large windows recently restored, and other treasures. The = cemetery at the rear of the building was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, as = were much of the village greens and gardens. We had a little time, were = running late due to the meeting, to explore North Easton architecture, then back = to the hotel for supper (New England term for "dinner" elsewhere). Then off to St. Jacques, Taunton for an wonderful evening listening to Bruce = Stevens on a 2M. Hook and Hastings from 1894, Opus 1595. This organ is present = here due to the pastor's offer to have it moved from Fall River, French parish St. Mathias Church, which was to be torn down. Bruce played a great program, including the Rheinberger Sonata No. 13, and a whimsical made-up variation titled "Trumpet Clock", a parody of Mozart "Clock" tunes, with a story passed out beforehand to concert-goers. Will continue later - getting late - Judy Ollikkala    
(back) Subject: Nashville Pipe Organ Encounters Pictures From: "Jon C." <opus1100@sbcglobal.net> Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 20:35:30 -0500   Nashville Pipe Organ Encounters Pictures   The album shows that it has been visited 105 times, yet the individual thumbnails show that they have been opened in most cases less tha\n a dozen times. Just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that if you click on one of the thumbnail pictures it will give you a larger version of that picture.   Jon      
(back) Subject: Re: contacting Philip Brunelle and/or Carlo Curley From: "Andy Lawrence" <lawrenceandy@gmail.com> Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 21:53:43 -0700   What a coincidence! Just tonight I attempted to contact Carlo to ask permission to link to his mp3's on my website. W/in an hour I got a reply. He's in London right now apparently. The way I contacted him was to simply use his website, www.carlo.com and click on "send a message to carlo". He replied, so I now know his email address, but I won't publish that here, because its not published on his website.   So contacting Carlo is appently easier than contacting some of my friends sometimes.   Andy www.beating2windward.blogspot.com   On 7/24/05, ProOrgo53@aol.com <ProOrgo53@aol.com> wrote: > If Carlo Curley and/or Philip Brunelle are members of pipechat - or if > anyone happens to have access to either of their email addresses, please = contact  
(back) Subject: Bach book-fiction From: "bnorth" <bnorth@intergate.ca> Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 22:07:29 -0700   Summer reading season, and I wondered if any on the list had read a copy = of "Evening in the Palace of Reason" , a fictional account of the clash = of belief and reason at a meeting of JS Bach and Frederick the Great, = and would care to comment, worth reading? Thanks, Bob
(back) Subject: Re: Watervliet Jardine From: "Rev. Tony Newnham" <organist.tony@btinternet.com> Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 09:03:50 +0100   Hi   NPOR lists a number of Jardine 3 manuals with recent survey dates in the = UK, and there's several more that may still be in use, but that we have no recent information to confirm the current position.   Every Blessing   Tony ----- Original Message ----- From: "Judy A. Ollikkala" <71431.2534@compuserve.com> To: "PipeChat" <pipechat@pipechat.org> Sent: Monday, July 25, 2005 1:07 AM Subject: Watervliet Jardine     <SNIP>> Quite a collection there, don't know if he ever finished putting together > the Johnson. > I loved that Jardine, the only 3 manual existing I think. > Judy Ollikkala