PipeChat Subscription Information:

To subscribe to the PipeChat list please go to the PipeChat list Information Page on the list server at: http://pipechat.org/mailman/listinfo/pipechat

Fill out the form in the section "Subscribing to Pipechat" and make sure you include your Full Name as we will not approve any subscription wihtout this information. You will receive a Confirmation Email that you need to respond/reply to or visit the confirmation page listed in the Confirmation email. Once you hvae confirmed your subscription information it will go to the List Administrators who will approve the subscription.

Once that process is completed you will receive a "Welcome" message from the list server. Please keep this Welcome message as it has important information and the link to your "personal options" pag on the list server. You can change your subscription options from Individual emails to the Digest version via this page. You can also set yourself to "NOMAIL" if you need to stop postings from the list for a period of time. You can aso unsubscribe via this "personal options" page.

If you have any questions pleae feel free to contact us at the address below.

Contact Information:

Email address: admin@pipechat.org

Last revised: November 27, 2010.