List Charter and Guidelines

DIYAPASON-L is a discussion list primarily for the owners and builders of their own home PIPE Organs. Other subscribers include suppliers and those who are interesting in getting more information before starting on their installations.

This list is a place where people building their own PIPE Organs can ask questions and share information that will help them and others in their own projects. It is a place to share what we have done, what works, suggestions for what might be an "easier" way of proceeding on a specific project, where to go to for new and used/"experienced" parts, and whom to avoid in getting parts.

It is also a place where members can share their "triumphs" and accomplishments with the other members. Conveying our excitement at an accomplishment is something all of us need while we are working away at the "drudge" tasks required to proceed with our instruments.

It is hoped that postings to the list will be of a thoughtful and well reasoned nature and for the most part will discuss the technical side of building our instruments. One-line replies are discouraged, as is excessive quoting. ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING will be allowed. A person flaming will be removed from the list IMMEDIATELY without any recourse.

Suppliers and professional organ builders are more than welcome. They are encouraged to join since their technical know-how is greatly appreciated by those of us who are amateur builders. However, it is requested that folks in these areas do not use this list as a form of advertising. A one-time announcement of their product or an announcement of a new product or service is welcome but please leave it at that.

Since there are members of the American Institute of Organbuilders on this list please follow the Ethics Code of that organization and do not "bash" a professional builder and/or supplier. You may have had a bad experience with a professional but that may have been a one-time experience. DO NOT use that as a generalization that a builder and/or supplier is bad.

Home pipe organ building is a pretty narrow topic, but the following variants or areas of diversity come to mind:

1. "Classical" vs "theatre".
2. Mechanical vs electric.
3. Straight vs unit.
4. Build-from-scratch vs buy-as-much-as-you-can.
5. Pure pipe vs some electronic voices.
6. Practice machine vs concert organ.
7. True beginner vs serious amateur.

Anyone falling in these above areas is welcome and their comments and questions are fair game on the list. However, we will not allow "battles" between the Classical and Theatre Organ folks or between the Tracker and Electrical Action folks. Discussion of electronic augmentation of pipe organs will be permitted but discussion of fully electronic home instruments is better handled by the EORG-L list.

Finally, since this list is to have a narrow focus on the field of Residence Pipe Organs, discussion of topics other than this area are better handled by one of the several general organ chat lists on the Internet. They include, among others: PipeChat, the gracious hosts of this list; PIPORG-L, the "grand-daddy" of the organ mailing lists; Theatreorgan-L, as the name implies, for discussion of Theatre Organs; and Organchat.

This list is available as both individual mailings as the postings come in and as a daily digest. The digests will be archived and available on this web site.

Members of the list are encouraged to post using their real names rather than hiding behind "handles". There should be no need for bashfulness!

Please don't cross post with other lists as much of what it covered on this list may not be of interest to the other lists and most of the members of this list are also subscribers to at least one of the general organ mailing lists.

The default REPLY is set to send your replies back to the list since not only a person asking a question will be interested but also others on the list may benefit from what you are saying. This way, the reply will also get into the list archives as a source for future reference.

Because of the archiving of the daily digests, please change the subject line in your postings when the subject has strayed away from what it was originally. This will aid anyone of us who are looking for something specific in the archives.

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These guidelines have been written by the List Owner, David Scribner, with the help of Charter list members, Larry Chace and Craig Elders.

Updated 11/27/2010