In response to a recent discussion on the PipeChat list about the problem of HTML coding appearing in the Digests we have put together the following list of how to set various email client programs (the ones that you use on your machine to send and receive email) to send Plain Text postings to the list. Much of the following information has been taken from various web pages put up by other mailing lists who have faced the same problem. We, the Administraotrs, have not been able to "test" all of these solutions since both of us use Eudora Pro for our mail reading/sending.

Many times list members "think" they are sending in Plain Text since that is the way their posts look when the get them back. However, there is usually one simple way of telling if your post was not sent in Plain Text. The list server automatically adds the following footer to every message send out via the list.

"Pipe Up and Be Heard!"
PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital organs & related topics

If you don't see this footer, which is usually supressed by the HTML coding, at the end of your posting then you should double check to make sure that you are set to send in Plain Text ONLY to the list.

So that the list members that are not on the Digest version of the list can see what the problem is for your fellow members recieving the Digest I have put together a page with examples of how the HTML and RTF (Rich Text Format) messages show up in the Digest. In putting together this page I am NOT picking on any specific list members but have just taken a few examples for the digests over the last several days to give you all an idea of what kinds of problems the HTML and RTF formatting does to the Digest version of the list, which is read by approximately one-thing of the list members. These examples can be found here.

Microsoft Outlook

From the toolbar, on the "Tools" menu, select the "Options..." button, then select the "Mail Format" tab. Under "Send in this Format", select "Plain Text", and press the "OK" button.

Microsoft Outlook Express

From the toolbar, on the "Tools" menu, select the "Options..." button, then select the "Send" tab. Under "Mail Sending Format", select "Plain text". Press the "OK" button.

In both Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express

To set Plain Text format for only selected addressees (e.g. the address of the PipeChat mailing list): In your e-mail address book, click on your entry for PipeChat, then select "Properties" and then the "Name" tab. At the lower left is a checkbox for "Send E-mail using plain text only". Checking this box will ensure that any e-mail you send to this specific address will be in Plain Text format, even if your default format is HTML.

Netscape Messenger

From the toolbar, select "Edit", then "Preferences...". Under category "Mail & Newsgroups", select the sub-category "Formatting".

If you wish to send all of your messages in "Plain Text" format, then select "Use the plain text editor to compose messages". Then press the "OK" button, and you're finished.

However, if you wish to send messages in HTML format to all but PipeChat mailing lists (and other selected recipients), click on "Use the HTML editor to compose messages". Then look under "When sending HTML messages to recipients who are not listed as being able to receive them" and click on "Ask me what to do if the message has HTML formatting, otherwise send plain text". Then press the "OK" button.

Now, to set "Plain Text" format for specific addressees, open your Address Book (from the menu bar, click on 'Communicator', then 'Address Book').
* If you do not have an address for the PipeChat mailing list in your Address Book, then create one. Click on the 'New Card' icon in the tool box; fill in the appropriate information in the New Card window, and be sure leave blank the box "Prefers to receive rich text (HTML) mail".
* If you already have an Address Book entry for the PipeChat mailing list, double click on that entry. Make sure that the check box is blank next to "Prefers to receive rich text (HTML) mail".

When you send a message to the PipeChat mailing list, if your message contains HTML formatting, a window entitled "HTML Mail Question" will appear. You may then select "Send in Plain Text Only" and click on "Send".

AOL 6.0 and 7.0

If you are using AOL 6.0 or 7.0, you need to log on to AOL and select either Netscape or Internet Explorer as your browser -- Do not use AOL's web browser. Launch the browser, and type "" in the URL field. Sign on with your screen name and password. Click on mail. You will then be able to submit messages using AOL's "AOL Anywhere" service.

The website "Unofficial AOL Email FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)" suggests some ways to use version 6.0 or 7.0 of AOL's software for sending plain text messages.

The answers in the above AOL FAQ will in many cases apply at least loosely to CompuServe 2000, which uses the same email system as AOL. However, there are some significant differences. More information about CompuServe 2000 email can be found in the Email and Communication Forum's brief CompuServe 2000 E-Mail FAQ

On the menu bar, click on "Tools", then "Options". Under "Category", scroll down to and click on "Styled Text".

If you wish to send all of your messages in Plain Text format, you may click on "Send plain text only" and leave blank "Ask me each time." Then click "OK" at the bottom.

However, if you wish to send messages in HTML format to all but PipeChat mailing lists (and other selected recipients), then click on either "Send both plain and styled" or "Send styled text only" and click on "Ask me each time". Click "OK" at the bottom. This will give you final control of how a message is sent.

Now, whenever you send an e-mail message, a window will appear that asks you "Do you want to send plain text, styled text or both?". Then click on the appropriate selection. For the PipeChat mailing lists, only "Plain Text" format should be used.
MSN Mail

It is not possible to send "Plain Text" messages using MSN Mail. You must use an alternate e-mail program, such as Hotmail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora or Netscape.

In the Compose window of Hotmail, if you see a Toolbar immediately above the section where you type your message, then your message will be sent as a Rich-Text message in HTML format. To revert to "Plain Text", look immediately above the left side of that toolbar for the "Tools" selection box. Click on the arrow, and then click on "Rich Text Editor OFF." A warning window will pop up asking if you want to do this -- click OK. The toolbar will disappear and you will now be set up to send in Plain Text format.
Other email programs

For other email programs, see the article "Configuring Mail Clients to Send Plain ASCII Text" at

If all else fails, please contact your email program's vendor, and ask them how to set their email program to use Plain Text (and then let us know their solution, so that it can be added to this page).